Embark on a comprehensive underwater hull inspection journey with us. Utilizing our cutting-edge AI and embedded capabilities, our Autonomous Underwater Vehicle can autonomously identifying issues such as cracks, rust, paint pitting, excessive biofouling, and foreign object (mines, trackers, etc). With us, all you vessels above and below water are in the most capable hands, primed for smooth sailing ahead.

Cargo Ship Inspection

We delve into every detail, from battling marine fouling to safeguarding against paint wear. Our meticulous examination uncovers hidden damages caused by grounding, impacts, or cavitation erosion. We vigilantly monitor the anode system, a guardian against insidious shell plate corrosion. Nothing escapes our scrutiny, not even sea suction gratings or emergency fire pump suctions, ensuring they operate at peak efficiency. Trust us to fortify the very foundation of your vessel - the propeller, rudder and pintel stock system.

Water Ballast Tank Inspection

Revolutionize your operations with our cutting-edge technology, eliminating the need for ballasting, isolation, initial entries, and manual intervention. Experience substantial cost, time, and resource savings, all while enhancing safety by eliminating confined space entry. Receive detailed sketches outlining precise Thickness Measurement locations for each inspected structure, streamlining the entire process.

LNG Ship Inspection

Elevate your vessel's safety and operational efficiency with our comprehensive ship hull inspection services. We employ advanced nondestructive testing techniques to meticulously evaluate hull thickness and detect any defects or damages, in a timely manner. Our inspections cover a range of common hull defects including scrapes, cracks, dents, corrosion, and more, ensuring your ship meets and exceeds industry standards.

Warship Inspection

With our easily deployable and retrievable solution, we scrutinize every facet of your ship, anytime, anywhere. From monitoring your paint wear to ensuring safe passage through uncharted waters, our meticulous examination can uncovers any possible anomaly, including mines and trackers that may have been affixed to the hull of your ship.

Submarine Inspection

Consider us your next partner for Collins Class or Nuclear Powered submarines; we have your needs comprehensively addressed. Our system is capable of inspecting both under-deck and above-water structures. Whether it is the inspection of your Cylindrical array, towed array, or any other confined space within the hull, we possess the capability to facilitate such assessments.

Detection of illicit objects

Our AI-powered fully autonomous underwater vehicle will form an integral part surveying any ship underwater to help detect, deter and respond to threats in our exclusive economic zone. Our system will have the ability to identify, track and intercept an extended range of foreign objects that should not exist under a boat or in the maritime domain, no matter the weather conditions.