Next Generation of Hull Inspection Solution

Our Completely Wireless Underwater Vehicle with integrated AI and Cutting-Edge onboard computers.

Machine vision grid laser for 3D point cloud image rendering;
Parallel Dot Lasers for accurate dimensioning;
Ultrasonic metal Thickness Gauge, from one side without removing protective coatings. Coatings up to 20 mm are completely ignored;
Wireless Underwater COMMS. Fusing Sonar, Optics and Radar technology to achieve high frame rate communication with no cable.
Dual frequency (1.2MHz/3.0MHz) ultra-high-resolution sonar offering unrivalled image quality for specialist inspection tasks;
High resolution side scan sonar offering excellent image quality for specialised inspection tasks;

Wireless COMMs at 10Mbps down to 50metres

Wireless COMMs at 100Mbps down to 0.5metres

Wireless COMMs at 16kbps to a radius up to 1,000metres

DVL with positioning accuracy of +/-0.01%

Two Full HD cameras with laser pointer technology

3D point cloud image rendering laser

Ultrasonic thickness gauge

6 Degrees of freedom

6.5 knots
Underwater Speed
500 mins
Uninterrupted Inspection Time
300 m
Depth Rated
36 kgs
Vehicle Weight
-10 °C to
45 °C
Operating Temperature
750 (L) x 470 (W)
x 150 (D) mm
Underwater Speed