AI-Powered software based on large model data training, automatically identifies all hull defects and reports them automatically.
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Platform Key Benefits

By using our flagship AI-powered software, you can automate your next underwater ship hull and ballast tank inspection, by pairing it with the video and sensor data feeds from a diver or any underwater vehicle. Upon completion of the inspection, our software employs a sophisticated machine learning algorithm to assess and grade the identified problems on a severity scale. Furthermore, it generates a detailed inspection report, providing a comprehensive overview of the issues encountered.
Using Multimodal AI, we can detect cracks, damage, biofouling, rust, mines, trackers and other foreign objects at fraction of the speed, lower cost and with greater accuracy than before.
Our 3D Point Cloud feed will then harness you with a percentage of the overall impacted area versus the area inspected.

Traditional Inspection Approach


Transfer Data (Current)
20 mins
Annotation (Current)
120 mins
Anomalies Detection (Current)
90 mins
Inspection Report (Current)
140 mins



Transfer Data (BlueStingRay)
1 min
Annotation (InspectO)
1 min
Anomalies Detection (InspectO)
1 min
Inspection Report (InspectO)
1 min

Solutions with InspectO

We offer a wide range of underwater inspection services, such as ship hull, ballast tank inspection, etc.
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LNG Ship Inspection

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Warship Inspection

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Submarine Inspection

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Cargo Ship Inspection

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Water Ballast Tank Inspection

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Detection of illicit Objects