About Us

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About Us

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SAPIIENT Advanced Technologies is committed to revolutionising the entire Defense and Commercial underwater inspection and certification industry. Utilizing cutting-edge AI and embedded capabilities, our Autonomous Underwater Vehicle can be deployed anytime, anywhere, to autonomously identifying issues such as cracks, rust, paint pitting, excessive biofouling, and foreign objects.

What we do

SPAIIENT is developing cutting-edge technology that allows inspections to be carried out effortlessly, anytime, anywhere. Our business focuses on making equipment that hosts advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities, to enable it to autonomously detect a range of issues, including cracks, rust, paint pitting, excessive biofouling and foreign objects.

Our Vision

Our startup envisions a future where AI-driven innovation transforms industries and revolutionises the underwater inspection and certification industry, hence why we adopted an extra "I" as intelligence, in the name of our company SAPI ”I” ENT. We strive to be pioneers, developing groundbreaking solutions for fully autonomous underwater inspection that redefine what's possible. With a focus on efficiency and productivity, SAPIIENT can empower businesses and individuals with intelligent systems that solve complex underwater challenges.